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Oct. 13th, 2010

Using the Potty At Night

My son is 3 and some change, has been daytime potty trained since 30 months.  He has been night time potty trained for 4 months now.  I first knew it was time for him to start wearing his undies to bed when he started waking up in the middle of the night and crying that he had to go potty.  He obviously would rather cry in his bed at night and be uncomfortable then go in his diaper, so it was certainly time and he's really only had 2 accidents early on and they weren't bad, cause he caught and stopped himself before he finished. 

When these night wakings happened it made me feel awful that he'd sit in his bed and cry, so I told him to come to our room and wake up mommy or daddy and that we would take him potty.  It worked quite well and he took right to coming into our room and specifically letting me know that he had to go.  All was fine in the world.

Now I'd say he wakes up and does this about 4 or 5 days a week.  More often then not he comes wondering into our room to ask me to take him potty.

Thing is I'm getting really tired of this and worried too.  I'm 30 weeks pregnant and soon I'll have a baby (most likely attached to my boob during the night) and in our bed.  It won't be so easy for me to get up and help him go potty in that situation, I'm thinking.  

So we attempt to have Daddy help him, but it's not working.  He'll start screaming for some reason that he wants me to help him, not Daddy. 

We try to talk up the big boy aspect and that he knows how to go potty on his own.  He does now how too.  He does everything himself, but just wants me to sit there and watch him and then tuck him back into his bed.  We leave the light on in the bathroom for him.  And we're always talking it up telling him he doesn't need to wake us up he can go by himself if he needs too.   The bathroom is even closer to him then our room is.  He won't do it though.

Last night he woke me up at 1am and I was delirious and somehow looked at my alarm and thought it said 7, which means time to wake up, and I was not happy.  He refused to let Daddy help him and he whinned at me when I told him he should go by himself like we talked about.  So, I got up to go with him and helped him pull his pants down which caused an immediate melt down because he wanted to pull his pants down.  I had to pull them back up and sit there through him crying hysterically trying to pull his own pants down.  I ended up whinning to him about how he should be doing this by himself and that it makes no sense for Mommy to wake up just to watch him go potty, when he clearly knows how to do everything by himself.  Of course this made matters worse and I ended up needing Daddy to help me calm him down enough to get him back to bed. 

So, short of talking up going by himself and giving him the tools he needs to be successful for going by himself...i.e. leaving the bathroom light on and making sure he has on pjs that he can easily take on and off  (we realized that we won't be putting him in footy pjs anytime soon since he can't get them back on by himself), what else can we do to help him go potty on his own at night time.?  Am I expecting too much?  Do I just need to back off and go help him whenever he wants?  What am I going to do when the baby's here and I can't get up to help him?  Have hubby help calm the baby if they are awake while I take the 3 yr old potty? Somehow force him to take Daddy's help instead and hope that he can adjust by the time the baby arrives?  My husband is up anyhow when he comes into our room.  He's a light sleeper and can hear him as soon as he opens his own bedroom door most times. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice on how you got your child to go to the bathroom by themselves at night.

ETA:  We don't restrict his fluids before bed, but it's not like he drinks a ton of fluids pre bedtimes either.  We do always make sure that he goes (whether he thinks he needs to or not) right before bed. 

Jul. 15th, 2010

Just a Couple of Pics

These are mostly from a couple weeks ago on our hike to the Eternal FlameCollapse )

Mar. 8th, 2010

Sickness and Tantrums

So Bode is sick.  He's been sick for a while now too.  He got a cold the week before last and then that escalated into a bad cold with quite the cough, runny nose and then started with a mild fever.  The fever lasted for 3 days and then his sleep (which is always poor when he's sick) got way worse.

So I took him to Dr. S who told us he has a mild case of pneumonia and an ear infection.  This would be his first ear infection.  So he's been on Amoxocilan for 4 days now.  He's still coughing but otherwise seems to be much better.   Has more energy and is sleeping fairly normally.  [btw-this is the first time he's ever been prescribed any kind of medication - let alone been on antibiotics].

Problem is his mood is beyond what his normal "I'm 2.5 years and I want my way" antics.  I mean he has been nearly impossible to handle.  Every single thing that happens between us is turned into a power struggle.  And I'm very abt to bend the rules when he's sick.  I don't know what to do about it.  He's literally crying for his lovey and binky (which I soo badly want to throw out anyhow) every second of the day.  Normally he knows he only gets it for nap and bedtime.  He's being defiant about naps.  He wants juice way more then water (which I only started giving him recently watered down severly) and wants it in a cup instead of a sippy to walk around the house with. 

Also, along with all this I have thrush.  It's very painful and my right side nipple is broken.  He of course is refusing the left side and insisting that he get the "boo boo" side.  He'll literally tantrum when I tell him that he needs to start on the left or not nurse at all.  I'm not even denying the right side. I just don't want him passing it from the bad side to the uninfected side.  I'm using gentian violet.  So my boobs and his mouth are all purple to boot. 

He is being so miserable about 80% of the time.  He will cry for me and cry for me and when I hold him he'll push my face away like I'm not aloud to look at him.  Then I'll put him down and he'll scream even worse.  This is what's involved in a typical tantrum.  IS THIS NORMAL?  Is this just him being sick and scared?  Is he having a weird reaction to the meds?  Please tell me this is a phase.  I mean I know normal 2 yr olds want to be boss but this is like he's trying to declare our house as a dictatorship and he's the dictator!  Any sugguestions for me?

Aug. 20th, 2009

I'm Looking For A Glass Pendant

Does anyone have any good sugestions for me on Glass Beads?  Not just any glass beads, but I know some of you on my flist will know what I'm talking about and have seen them before.  I know I have, I just can't remember where.  I'm looking for a glass pendant of a mom with her babies or a pregnant mama or a nursing mama.  You know what I'm talking about right?  They are colorful little "mama earthy" type glass pendants.  Please tell me somebody knows what I'm talking about and can recommend a good etsy or hyena cart shop.

Jul. 29th, 2009

Just a Few Things on Bode and Floatilla

Bode was supposed to have speech therapy this morning.  Miss Mindy comes every Wed at 8 am, but she called this morning about 10 minutes to 8 and said she wasn't feeling well and that she'd have to cancel their appt.  Kinda weird that they can just call you up just before and cancel like that, but then again I guess if you're sick you're sick and I don't want her getting Bode sick and it would be weird to send a stranger as a sub for a 2 yr old. 

Holy Shit....I almost have a 2 year old.  I can't believe it.  How do they grow so fast?  It's seriously amazing to watch. 

Oh, Bode has lately been singing and babbling "be-dop, dop-be, bap". He's been doing it for the last week and it's like he thinks it's a real song or something.  So cute and hilarious. 

Also his new favorite word is "this".  He walks around saying, "this, n dis, n dis, n dis" It's really funny.  I know he got it from me too.  When I'm getting things ready, I tend to talk (or narrate for him mostly) what I'm doing and a lot of times I say things like, "We need this and this and this."  I think he knows how to appropriately use the word though, cause he will specifically point to things and say "this" or if I ask him a question for him to make a choice, he'll pick, point and say "this".

Oh and Dan got a new Floatilla for us.  We got the original floatilla 2 years ago and would bring it whenver we went camping.  That thing iwas awesome.  Well his first trip out to the Lake this year with the guys they had it up on the shore and the wind caught it and took it away.  So yesterday he got a new floatilla .  It's not quite as nice as the first one but it should still be fun.  I can't wait to take it to 1000 Islands with us.  Hopefully we'll get some nice days and we can take Bode out on it too.

Jun. 23rd, 2009

I Really Wasn't Thinking

This morning Dan called me to ask if he should give Bode a nap.  I said yes of course.  He woke up at his usual time (7am) and I wanted him to get a nap in before going to Miss Sharon's house so that I could be sure he'd at least have a little nap time in for the day. 

Well, duh I really did not think that one through at all.  Because Dan got Bode down at 11am and we woke him up at 12:15 then he nursed for 5 minutes, ate the world's fastest lunch and Dan took him over to Miss Sharon's, where she has a designated nap time of 1pm.  Uh, ya I definitely did not think that one through.

Jun. 16th, 2009


jespere !

Jun. 15th, 2009

Sad About Sunset

I forgot to mention this in my last post about the land.  We were all sitting looking out at the sun setting over the water while were there.  Bode was sitting in my lap and we were telling him about the sunset.  We made a few comments like, "Goodbye Mr. Sunshine"  "See you again tomorrow Mr. Sun" and Bode just started crying about it.  Every time we said, "oh look how much the sun's gone down now" or "just a sliver left" he'd get even more sad and he was even crying about it. It was quite cute.   He stopped after I explained that it was gonna come again and we'd see the sunshine tomorrow.  I've noticed him getting sad a number of times when I say "Goodbye" or "Goodnight" to/about something. 

May. 13th, 2009

A Few Updates

Tonight is LLL- yeah.  I missed it last month when we were in FL

BOO HOO- Dan recently informed me that he will be at the Phish show- golf tourney at Beth Page Black-LI for Father's Day.

Last night Danny had to work late and when I was getting Bode ready for bed he signed Daddy twice, like he was saying, "where is he mom?"

Last weekend on Sat. I made a PB&J for Bode and he had some sort of an allergic reaction to what I'm guessing was the Peanut butter.  I know he's been fine with the bread and the jam- so that's all it could've been.  His eyes started getting welts (white puffy spots) and he started voraciously scratching his eyes and then his neck and upper chest.  He was breathing fine that goodness.  I called[info]kimbalynne to ask her what he allergist said to give Charlie if he has an attack.  She recommended Baby Benadryl called Perfect Dose.  Dan ran out and got it and we gave half a "perfect" dose to Bode and within minutes it calmed down.  Within 2 hours you could barely tell anything even happened to him.

Yesterday Bode had a Dr. appt to get his missing Mumps vaccine.  Yes the Dr. did find one for us, thank goodness.  Cause that would've sucked to have to choose between no mumps vax or getting the other 2 twice.  Dan mentioned the allergic reaction to the peanut butter and our dr. just said it was very common at his age and with peanuts.  She gave us a referal for an allergist, but I don't think I'll follow through with it. I'm just not gonna be giving him peanuts or peanutbutter anytime soon.

Oh and tomorrow, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow.  I'm nervous about how Bode will react.  My mom and MIL both said that when us kids were little and they had a big change in their hair styles we all freaked out and cried. :(  I've been telling Bode and explaining that I'm gonna have it cut and I showed him an old picture of me from when my hair was a little somewhat short.  I'm hoping this helps him.


I <3 Bob Dylan

FYI- his new album, Together Through Life, is wonderful!
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