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cindyleed's Journal

31 July 1977
My name is Cindy and I'm a wife to my loving and supportive husband, Dan and mama to a wonderful and amazing son named Bode. Basically, I get bored at work (a lot) and like to read and post sometimes. I find this is a great way to journal things that are going on and that I actually am drawn to writing in. Plus it's easier to post pictures here, rather then print them up and pretend that I'll someday scrapbook them.

I live in a suburb of Buffalo, NY. I was born and raised here as well as my husband. I spent three years with Dan in Orlando, FL and received my BA from the University of Central Florida and we also lived for 4 years in Vail, CO. Vail was absolutely amazing and we loved our lives there. Everything was very easy and all about fun! We got to behave quite selfishly looking back on it. Then we decided to have a baby and figured the best place to do that was where we still called "home" and realized that raising a baby without any family would not be so smart on our parts. So, we moved back to Buffalo, bought a house and had a baby.

I'm very eco-minded and care about the environment and having a baby has made my "greeness" just a little bit greener. We cloth diaper or as my husband says (so as not to immediately turn people off) we use reuseable diapers. If your diapers aren't cloth, they technically are garbage.

I breastfeed because it's my child's birthright and it will help him to grow in every way. He will wean when he decides he's ready. I try not to be judgmental about this, yet I must admit I'm very turned off by formula feeding and get upset by moms who don't/won't give breastfeeding a fair shot.

I guess I'm kind of a hippy at heart. I love classic rock/oldies music and most jam bands. I have a complete and total infatuation with Bob Dylan. I like beading and jewelry making. I enjoy knitting but never make enough time for it. I made all Bode's babyfood and good nutrition is important to me. I'm pretty particular about the way we raise Bode and any future children and have high standards for his health emotionally, mentally and physically. I gravitate towards the natural and nature in most realms of my life. I love watching old movies and the occasional cult flick. I have a thing for Woody Allen too. I have a few favorite television shows but I'm pretty anti- T.V. as far as kids go. I enjoy skiing, beat reading, hiking, camping, and house projects. I follow attachment parenting ideals but not to a "T". Please friend me if you think we have compatible interests.

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